BRAVEDOG Agility Timing System

New generation fully wireless timing system designed for agility trainings and competitions. 

- Totally wireless with operational distances up to 1km on open areas.

- Built-in module power source offers 15+ hours of pure agility.

- Start, stop, reset and change modes with remote control.

- Big LED display can be powered with ordinary power bank or from socket.- Take it anywhere! It's light and mobile!


- Standard mode - where two gates are used. START and FINISH gates have to be crossed once.

- Multiple finish mode - both gates are used but finish gate can be crossed multiple times. Intersections number can be set in timer menu with the help of remote control. This mode is very useful when building tracks where last obstacle is used several times.

- One gate mode - START gate can be used also as FINISH gate. Number of intersections for this mode can be set in the menu as well.


Full system price is - 850EUR,- 

Shipping price for the EU is 30-50EUR,- depending on the exact location.

World-wide shipping price starts from 50EUR,-

System includes:

- 4 wireless modules

- LED screen 64*16 cm

- LED screen tripod

- Four-port module charger

- Remote control

- Charging wires 

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If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us! We will gladly help you!

If necessary, it is possible to individually program the system  - adding additional operating modes, welcome text and so on. The terms  are negotiated separately.

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